BEATERNOMICS : How To Commute On 60 Cents A Day

Here’s how you can commute on 60 cents a day. 1) Take a $100 car like this 1995 Ford Taurus SE I just bought at a local auction. 2) Find four co-workers you can easily blackmail or extort with little effort. Threaten them with some extreme form of punishment such as being forced to write… Read This Article

The Oil Change: Who, What, When, Where, Why… And… Huh?

Oil changes. Should they be done every 3000 miles? 5000 miles? 10,000 miles? Or should you pay a premium and go for that ultra-long marathon of 15,000 miles with the right oil and filter combination? Those of us who drive our cars for quite a while are usually focused on mileage above all else. But… Read This Article

The Inner Beauty Of Boring Old Used Cars

I was walking to my car when I heard a stranger’s voice ask me about my daily driver. “How old is that thing?” “Umm… you remember Beanie Babies?” “Oh my God! Really? It’s older than that?” “Older than even you buddy!”

How The Fonz Gave Me The Right Jukebox Kick

By the way, did you know that Arthur Fonzarelli changed my life?

Why The Poor Pay More For Used Cars – And You Do Too

Car dealers are often called to the whipping post of public outcry because a not so small army of them will charge you a bogus finance or documentation fee. It’s a stupid and pointless exercise of greed – but it’s done for one simple reason.

Toyota Quality : Then And Now

A third of a century ago, give or take a year, my brother Paul became the first in the family to drive a Toyota. A 1984 Toyota Celica-Supra. It was a true shifting of gears for the Lang Gang. Everyone up to that time had bought a GM. Mom and Dad drove Cadillacs (only one… Read This Article