Your Cheapest Car Ever

Have you ever bought a car that was cheaper than dirt? I’m not talking about this $500 Ford Taurus I bought because I have a thing for 1990s TV shows. I’m talking cheap. As in cheaper than a Vegas wedding with a fake Elvis and a free six-pack of wine coolers from the last couple… Read This Article

How I Royally Screwed Up My Life And Bought…

A 33 foot stretch limo that was formerly owned by a famous run down strip club in Miami. Two small TV’s that dated back to the beginning of the Clinton era. Cheap burgundy upholstery that I probably would never want to study with a forensic light. 104,000 miles, and a corded phone right next to the champagne glasses in… Read This Article

Hammer Time: The Cheater Beater

Negotiating with my neighbor Willie Martin has always been a pain in the ass.   “Are you sure you won’t take three thousand for that Corolla?”   “Sure I can! Would you mind if I charged you a bogus $500 dealer fee named after your dog?”   “For the love of God Steve! I was… Read This Article

Why Good People Buy Bad Cars

“What are you going to do about this?” I was in my mid-30s and staring straight into the eyes of a young woman who could play linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings. No joke. She was a professional bodybuilder who could have easily lifted me over her head while performing the Y-M-C-A cheer for a live… Read This Article

How Buying A Great Car Is Exactly Like Buying A Great Stock

If you’ve ever worked with growth stocks uk or shares then you will know that the way you make money in the stock market is almost a mirror image of how you avoid losing money in the car market. When entering the stock market, you definitely don’t want to be losing money. So, that’s why… Read This Article

What Was The Dumbest Thing You Ever Did To Your Car?

About 15 years ago, a twenty-something me drove a flamingo pink Chrysler minivan to the nearby Blockbuster to pick up some overpriced videos. I smelled oil on my way back to the van but, like most young parents, my mind was elsewhere in the Himalayas of parental thought. Mostly, I wondered whether I would get… Read This Article

2018 Toyota Tacoma Limited vs. 1996 Toyota Tacoma: A Tale Of Two Tacomas Duking It Out In The Deep South

My neighbors are attacking me! “How much is it?” “Wow, this is quite nice color. What do they call it?” “Can I open the door and look at it a bit?” The verbal barrage was all my fault. Like an oblivious Yuppified fool, I decided to park my brand new Toyota Tacoma within 50 feet… Read This Article

How To Buy Cars From Strangers

Sounds crazy. But that’s what it boils down to when you’re searching for a used car. You don’t know them and you don’t know ‘it’. The car could be a rolling masterpiece with a maintenance history a mile long and an owner who worshiped that hunk of metal. Or, it could be a rolling deathtrap… Read This Article

Better Than New – 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid

“Dear God. Please Don’t let anyone else buy this thing.” I had been at an auto auction way out in Georgia’s Deliverance country. The accents were thick, the bidding action was surprisingly thin, and a 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid stood in all of its squarish two-ton glory on the auction block. Nobody was biting. $6,000… Read This Article

If Your Car Was The President, Would You Vote For It?

It always amuses me whenever I hear someone espouse an economic theory as a means for humanity to be saved. Libertarianism, socialism, capitalism… all ISMs MISS the details. Capitalism without checks and balances often leads to corruption and price gouging by the limited few who hold the pricing power in the marketplace. Socialism leads to… Read This Article

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